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Meet Sarah Farris, the founder and owner of Vibe Elevated as well as a Seattle-based Reiki Master Teacher and professional intuitive. As a professional intuitive, Sarah offers distance Reiki sessions to a worldwide client base as well as intuitive energy readings. Sarah holds a Reiki attunement lineage that can be traced back to Mikao Usui, the founder of Reiki. Sarah Farris of Vibe Elevated has been featured on mindbodygreen, Sivana East, The Seattleite, and more.

Everything around us is made of energy, including the thoughts we think and the emotions we feel. When we allow our energy to be expansive, we elevate our energetic vibrations. If your energy is elevated, it’s easier to heal your body, let go of emotional trauma from the past, as well as attract opportunities to  create a life you’ve dreamed of living.

Energy can be influenced by things within and beyond our control, so it's critical to have a thorough understanding of how internal thoughts and external conditions are impacting you and your energetic system. Left unchecked, blocked energy can often evolve in the body and show up as illness and disease. Learn about energy assessments and how an energy assessment can help you!



December 2018 Energy Insight


We have some important things ahead of us in the month of December that we will be moving through. The beginning of the month is rooted in the energy of generosity, protection, and service. Not surprising given that we’re all (hopefully) a little more focused on all the spirit of giving this time of year, but it also touches a drive to keep our family and those close to us safe by defending them when we feel they’re in harm's way.

Approach situations of this nature that arise with courage. Call on your ability to feel compassion toward others, especially any “offenders” you encounter. I always have to remind myself that (most of the time) the people who act out in hurtful ways are actually hurting the most.

As we move into the middle of the month, keep a close eye on your energy. If you’ve been thinking about doing some Reiki, as an example, now is a perfect time to do it. We’re in a spot where we’ll be susceptible to emotional exhaustion and neglecting our needs, so be sure you’re doing something to show yourself care and love. Don’t be a martyr.

Pay attention to relationships that are one-sided where you’re the only one giving. It’s a gift to give your energy to those who need it, but make sure you’re balanced in doing so.

The end of the month actually entails a space where we’re calling back in that energy we might have lost mid-month. How are your emotional and mental boundaries--firm or wavering? Don’t forget to keep your composure and stay centered. Take time for yourself to be alone. Get extra rest. Reflect on 2018. How can you better ground yourself? No idea what grounding is or how it can benefit you? Email me and I’ll give you some tools.

This has the potential to be a heavier month, and that’s OK. Conserve your energy, don’t spend too much time in the “what-ifs”, and remember: you are stronger than you think.

Theme: Concern, adversity. Anxiety regarding the health of yourself or others. Conserving your energy, keeping your thoughts in the present.

Challenge: Drawing on your inner strength, physical and mental self-discipline, anticipating challenge versus avoiding it.

Opportunity: Composure, compassion, self-control. Finding new levels of courage