Meet Sarah Farris, the founder and owner of Vibe Elevated as well as an emotional intelligence expert and emotional intelligence consultant.

Everything around us is made of energy, including the thoughts we think and the emotions we feel. When we allow our energy to be expansive, we elevate our energetic vibrations. If your energy is elevated, it’s easier to heal your body, let go of emotional trauma from the past, as well as attract opportunities to  create a life you’ve dreamed of living.

Energy can be influenced by things within and beyond our control, so it's critical to have a thorough understanding of how internal thoughts and external conditions are impacting you and your energetic system. Left unchecked, blocked energy can often evolve in the body and show up as illness and disease. Learn about energy assessments and how an energy assessment can help you!


January 2019 Energy Insight


We begin 2019 with energy grounded in growth and progress in a steady and careful way. This isn’t the energy of risk-taking or flying by the seat of our pants; we’ve crafted a strong foundation to get where we find ourselves at this time, so this progress we’re tapping into is deliberate and a direct result of all the work we put in over the past several months.

The focus is on hanging out in the sweet spot of being able to grasp and feel what is right in front of us while still remaining firmly plugged into our long-term vision. Action taken at this time of the month should be rooted in details and confidence in your abilities--no need to question yourself with regards to your skills or area(s) of expertise!

The middle of the month shines a focus on relationships--romantic, friends, professional, and even with yourself. Each relationship is a choice, even those that we feel are binding. Each day is a choice to show up for that person and bring our light into whatever space we’ve co-created. How are your relationships? Is there one in particular that could use a little extra attention?

As we round out the first month of 2019, we come into an energy with tremendous momentum, power, and potential for change. We are strong-willed and call on our struggles from the past to propel ourselves forward. How are we choosing to change and evolve? Don’t forget to take a moment to reflect on your individual strengths and how they can serve you right now.

Theme: Deliberate manifesting, owning your power

Challenge: Tendency for overcommitment. Is sacrificing your own energy actually going to help the people around you?

Opportunity: An opportune time to plug back into a spiritual practice if it has gone stagnant over the past few weeks