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Everything around us is made of energy, including the thoughts we think and the emotions we feel. When we allow our energy to be expansive, we elevate our energetic vibrations. If your energy is elevated, it’s easier to heal your body, let go of emotional trauma from the past, as well as attract opportunities to  create a life you’ve dreamed of living.

Energy can be influenced by things within and beyond our control, so it's critical to have a thorough understanding of how internal thoughts and external conditions are impacting you and your energetic system. Left unchecked, blocked energy can often evolve in the body and show up as illness and disease. Learn about energy assessments and how an energy assessment can help you!


July 2018 Energy Insight

The energy of July calls us to think about where and when we’re investing too much of our energy into external sources instead of coming within. Shifting the focus to our internal world can be scary; when we create space for lurking thoughts and feelings to surface we never know what we’re really getting ourselves into. 

One of the things I know to be true from both personal and professional experience is that the more willing you are to let that stuff come to the surface, the faster it will pass. It’s this interesting game we can play with ourselves--resisting and resisting as a mechanism ofdefense when really the fastest way to move forward is just to let it. 

The beginning of the month has this impatient, restless energy to it. It feels a little pushy, so don’t be surprised if you’re coming from a place of “I want that to happen yesterday” and maybe not handling things with grace. This is one of the places where we’re more (perhaps inadvertently) focused on an external perception than what’s coming up in the process. 

Try to slow yourself down enough to think about things before you act on them. The positive side of this energy is that we’re a little more courageous than normal, so lean into that instead and let go of your grip on when things need to happen. 

One of the challenges of the month is self-discipline and this comes center stage in the middle of July. You have set your goals and are closing in on them, so don’t lose focus of the deliberate action you need to take. You’ve got what you need in front of you--don’t blind yourself by limiting what you think that could or should look like. Use your tools and keep moving forward. Once again, furthering this goal does not necessitate the involvement or approval of others. 

As we move into the end of July, we benefit from taking a moment to consider all sides of a situation before jumping to a conclusion. Where have you not held yourself accountable? If you have a big decision in front of you, are you choosing to look at all aspects of different choices, especially where your integrity is concerned? 

Regardless of where you find yourself at the end of July, it will greatly benefit you to boil all decisions (big and small) down to two key components: staying in your integrity and honoring what feels rooted in truth. The theme of this month is all about relying too heavily on external influence or validation, so the best way to work with this is to bring it back to the internal process. Where is the outside validation in your life holding you back? 

Theme: Depending too heavily on a person, substance, mentality, etc. How is this holding you back?

Challenge: Self-discipline and hard work prevail here--don’t let yourself become overwhelmed or rely too much on one person to accomplish the goal at hand.

Opportunity: Another calling to root into your spiritual practice. Prayer, meditation, walks in nature and everything in between will serve you this month. 

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