energy sessions

Energy sessions are ideal for you if you are interested in learning more about your energy and emotions and how to better understand, assess, and regulate them.

These sessions can provide you with tools for working with and leveraging empathy and you’ll have an opportunity to receive insight and guidance to better navigate the energy of the people and situations in your life. Energy sessions for energy readings, energy work, energy assessments, and intuitive guidance.


We are made of energy. here's why you should care about yours.

Everything around us is made of energy, including the thoughts we think and the emotions we feel. When we allow our energy to be expansive and elevated, it’s easier to heal your body, let go of emotional trauma from the past, as well as attract opportunities in alignment with your goals.

Energy can be influenced by things within and beyond our control, so it's critical to have a thorough understanding of how internal thoughts and external conditions are impacting you and your energetic system. Left unchecked, blocked energy can often evolve in the body and show up as illness and disease. 


Energy sessions are ideal for you if you are interested in learning more about your energy and emotions and how to better understand, assess, and regulate them.

These sessions can provide you with tools for working with and leveraging empathy and you’ll have an opportunity to receive insight and guidance to better navigate the energy of the people and situations in your life.

Examples of how an energy session can be used:

-Navigating dynamics at work, with family or spouses

-Calibrating your energy to enable you to move through times of stress with more ease

-Learning how to work with your empathy if you feel too tuned into the emotions of the people around you

-Developing greater emotional resilience in difficult situations or during transitional periods in life 

-Discovering more about your emotional and energetic state so you can have enhanced self and social awareness

-Getting to the root of and shifting a repetitive thought pattern or belief system that causes disruption in your life or emotional state 

-Making a plan to address communication issues--receive specific insight and guidance on how to best approach difficult conversations 

How to book an energy session

If you’ve never worked with Sarah before, feel free to book a complimentary consultation before booking a full session so you have an opportunity to share your goals and explain a bit more about your situation.

Depending on the complexity of your question(s) or situation, you may book a 30, 60, or 75-minute session. If you aren’t sure what to book, email with a brief explanation of what you’d like to cover and we’ll happily advise you on the duration that makes the most sense for you and your needs.

When you schedule your appointment, you’ll have an opportunity to share what you’d like to work on. You’ll also be able to add on either a mini or full energy assessment which will look at a few or all of your primary energy centers in the physical body. Please note that a mini assessment will add about 10 minutes to your session while a full assessment will take about 20 minutes to review.

I have been a professional psychic and teacher of Tarot for over 25 years, and as a result I am quite sparing when it comes to recommendations. A good reader should be clear, concise, and compassionate, with an overriding desire to serve and empower their clients.

Sarah is all of the above, and then some. While she is both grounded and real, she has an unmistakable sparkle that is pure magic. The information that comes through her is clearly divine, free of personal agenda, and there’s no mistaking her intent to share her considerable gifts for the highest good of anyone seeking insight.

The first session I ever had with Sarah, the energy assessment was so revelatory, I almost didn’t need to ask my specific questions! I did, of course (I am a Sagittarius, after all...More is always better!) and she tapped into me and my life in ways that were truly striking.

Energy Readings are a brilliant system for obtaining divine information, and Sarah is a deft and masterful messenger. I recommend her with delight, and without reservation.
— Michele Morgan,
I recently had my first Reiki session with Sarah.

Her work is gentle yet so powerful. I quickly felt warm and secure enough to relax and trust her as she led me through visualization and memory recall.

In just one session, we identified and released a block that has troubled me for most of my life. After that, I felt a giddy lightness about me and a deepened connection to my intuition. In the days following our session together, I had two powerful experiences where I noticed significant emotional changes surrounding the topic we worked on.

Of the energy healing modalities I’ve tried, Sarah’s Reiki session is the most powerful, lasting, and profound. I am so grateful for Sarah and her work.

It is nothing short of life changing.
— Liz Rogers
I did not have any hesitations about booking a session, but this was my first Reiki session, so I was not totally sure what I was signing up for. But, after my energy reading with Sarah, I felt confident that it would be good.

I feel so good since my Reiki session! I think most notably, my self acceptance and my self love practices have ramped up since our session, and I’ve felt renewed and energized in regards to managing my present circumstances. Since our Reiki session, I have been able to hold this experience lightly, which changes how everything feels!

I liked that, as we began our session, the issues that needed to be addressed—issues that I wasn’t planning to dive into—made themselves apparent. It was like the juiciest stuff I had to work with surfaced, begging for attention. Also, it was amazing to feel physical sensations as Sarah worked!

I definitely recommend a Reiki session with Sarah! Clearing blocks and unhealthy belief systems is hard work! I’m excited to have Reiki in my toolbox of healing devices to assist in the process of letting go of all the conditioning that no longer serves me.

My mind is still blown that I could feel Sarah working even though we were on the phone!! I am really happy with the session and I’ll definitely be back for more. I am grateful to Sarah for doing what she does and doing it so well.
— Heather Manning
Sarah was spot on reading my energy. Even though she had a rock solid referral, I was still a little apprehensive. Because I have spoken to a handful of energy readers before, I asked her to give me a nugget or insight on me prior to booking a session. She wasn’t expecting that request but stepped right up and delivered some information that completely intrigued me.

From the minute the reading started, Sarah delivered pertinent information the whole way, and encouraged me to ask questions. Sarah was excellent at explaining the connections to my chakras and different organs.

I felt I walked away from my reading with great insight and guidance. It helped me, intuitively, to listen and focus on the areas that need energy work.

Sarah’s information for me has been very helpful. I was able to give that information to a person I work with personally and as a result, we have been focusing on certain areas. I’ve come to learn that it took a long time to set my foundation and I just need to practice patience to get the energy flowing again.

I really appreciate the positive message, direction and healing suggestions that Sarah brought to the conversation. Sarah was very encouraging, compassionate and loving—all three very strong traits it takes to heal.
— Shamay Andrich
I had never experienced a Reiki healing before, so while I was familiar with the concept through hearing Sarah speak about it, I wasn’t sure what to expect in terms of how I’d feel during and after.

Since my session, I have noticed a sense of resolution around certain areas of my past experiences, like a deeper retrospective understanding and acceptance of certain things.

There’s a kind of calm, almost closure like feeling, that comes with knowing I was guided through addressing things through a different lens.

I really enjoyed how actively engaging my Reiki session was. I got to tap into some creative visioning to process feelings and energy. It was fascinating to observe how my mind and intuition were working!

I would definitely recommend a Reiki session with Sarah. It is such a refreshing, engaging approach to feelings, emotions, and energy that I’ve historically addressed through therapy but never quite felt like I was getting real traction on areas I felt stuck.

Sarah truly has a gift and a wonderful way of supportively guiding her clients.
— Jessica Lagreid
Sarah is the real deal. She has great intuition and healing ability. I highly recommend her!
— D. Lisa West
I really did benefit from this experience and am blown away by Sarah’s abilities.

I feel it really does take true commitment to do what she does and love that she chooses to affect people in such a positive way.

I’ve told everyone that’s close to me about how great of an experience this was for me and how incredible it was that, even over the phone, Sarah was able to use my energy to tell me things about myself that I was never able to see in such a clear way.

I have a good handle on life most of the time but feel weak in a few areas. I feel in little over an hour Sarah gave me some tools I did not have before. I don’t know how she does it but I have a great deal of respect for her ways. She has given me the ability to feel comfortable with anything that has been giving me a negative feeling and I am consciously thinking about a few things she told me that were not big issues but things to think about.

The energies we are able to get in touch with in this galaxy are amazing and she is a special person for being able to do what she does.
— Emett Steele
I was hesitant about booking a reading because I originally wanted something in-person and was afraid that the reading would reveal information that I was not ready to hear.

I decided to do it and now I would definitely recommend a reading; Sarah was very easy to talk to, insightful and positive.

I’ve noticed that, following my reading, I feel much lighter and am in a great mood. I liked that the reading put me at ease and relieved some mild anxiety I was having. Sarah had very positive energy and was very kind.
— Ashley McFarland
I had several hesitations about booking a session with Sarah.

I knew that Reiki works, but there was something still hard to believe about a distance healing being possible.

Further, because I did not have so many physical ailments, I myself was not exactly sure what was wrong. I was also apprehensive about whether Sarah would be able to pick up what was necessary and help.

Now that I’ve experienced a Reiki session, I without a doubt would recommend it.

To be honest, I would not just recommend Reiki, but Reiki with Sarah specifically. I know it works and I have gained so much from her specific style of healing.

I immediately think of so many people I know who would benefit from this (particularly friends struggling with fertility issues).

Since my session, I feel much better overall. I definitely have more energy, and am in a more positive mode. I feel much lightness in places I did not know I was heavy. It really feels great. On an emotional level, I feel better, too.

On a very basic level I really found Sarah’s engagement, and that of Vibe Elevated in general very helpful. It was very professional, reliable and fast.

In the case where you doing a distance healing from far away or never had Reiki before, this was amazingly helpful.

I found Sarah’s flexibility very helpful. She has her way she can do things, but was very attentive to my comfort levels. It also happened that Sarah’s particular style with the ability to talk and respond and share, suited me very well. It really was what I needed.

This was really an amazing experience for me.

I already know that I won’t ever be fully able to comprehend the extent of the benefits because they are so far reaching.

The impact was at so many levels. I feel it really was something special, and almost like a blessing that Sarah did this Reiki healing on me.

If I was able to I would offer sessions as gifts to as many people as I could rather than spending money buying other gifts.
— Mariama Conteh
Already impressed with Sarah’s abilities as an energy reader, I sought her gifts as a Reiki Master in the aftermath of a serious and frightening health crisis. Not only did she pinpoint areas of concern in my physical and energetic bodies with uncanny precision, she completely dissolved two areas of near-debilitating physical pain, and cleared me of troubling emotional energy as well.

Her psychic insights into my physical body and energy fields were profound, sometimes startling in their clarity…resulting in an immediate sense of relief and possibility, as well as creating tangible space for the next steps in my healing process to reveal themselves with much more ease and grace.

My experience has been that, while there are an overwhelming number of doctors and practitioners of every kind to choose from, only a precious few possess the gift of a true healer. Sarah, without question, is one of the gifted.
— Michele Cardon
I’ve noticed that I feel lighter ever since my reading and I loved that the information Sarah shared with me was clear and on track.

I would recommend a reading—it was safe, clear, open-minded, filled with positive energy and action steps, and non-judgemental. I thought it was great!
— Kristine Campbell
I was hesitant about booking a session because Sarah is a former colleague and I’ve been working to let go of the “perfection” lens I already try to have peers at work see me through!

Since my first Reiki treatment I have noticed a huge rush of emotions. While I feel some release of some specific struggles, I’m really having difficulty with anger and accepting what I perceive to be injustices in the world.

What I liked the most about my Reiki treatment was the leadership that Sarah provided. I could ask her questions during the session, but she was so dialed in to me it made me feel more comfortable in not having to vocalise everything that had been bothering me lately.

Yes, I would recommend a Reiki session! It’s a holistic approach to healing and digs into the past and present rather than trying to diagnose an issue in 30 minutes. I’m really looking forward to doing more work together!
— Melissa Kanias
The cobwebs of confusion are brushed away. I feel confident, and do trust that I am always being guided. The reading was spot-on and Sarah’s observations were astute. She created a path of clarity when I was drowning in overwhelm. I would absolutely recommend a reading. Sarah is a gem. She is gifted and a genuinely nice person.
— Anonymous
Sarah turned the volume up on what I already felt to be true and needed to hear.
— Lindsay Lagreid
In the days following my reading, the aftermath has been transformational.

The day of and days following I felt very high vibrations. I have noticed I’ve felt a strong sense of clarity, peace and direction particularly around my career. I’ve been able to let expectations go and rest in where I’m at right now.

I feel like I’ve been freed from a tangled chain I’ve been struggling with for months.

It’s hard to choose what I liked most about my reading because I loved it all. I loved hearing about each of my chakras, because I had a sense of where I thought I’d be for each. Hearing Sarah’s explanations affirmed many things that I felt my intuition was sharing with me. I think it was great to have the opportunity to ask questions as well.

I absolutely recommend getting a reading—I think anyone can benefit from a reading to develop better awareness of self and gain clarity on areas in life that have been challenging and keeping them stuck.
— Liz Rogers
Initially, I was hesitant about booking a session because I didn’t have the extra funds but then I was fortunate enough to win a session—lucky me!

I don’t know that I necessarily feel any different after the healing, although immediately following the session I felt elated, almost effervescent!

I enjoyed the conversation with Sarah, especially since I wasn’t expecting to have so much back-and-forth! She’s very calming and the session was so informative. There were many topics that came up that I’d either recently looked into, or had popped into my life in another manner, so it was great to feel like I received validation with those things.

I would definitely recommend Reiki with Sarah! I didn’t know what to expect with a distance healing session but I really enjoyed the conversation and connection. I feel like Sarah hit the nail on the head with a couple of issues I’d been experiencing but didn’t know how to approach. She gave me very specific suggestions for treatments and supplements that I plan to implement, if I hadn’t already done so. In fact, one product in particular was already in my online shopping cart! Again, it was great to get that validation that I was on the right track.
— Erin Reith
My biggest hesitation about booking a reading was the communication medium (over the phone) however, this anxiety was quelled within a few minutes.

Much of the reading was actionable and has had a lasting impact; there was an ease and familiarity to the session that allowed for faster depth. I would for sure recommend a reading—I really enjoyed this!
— Greg Hoy
Since my Reiki session yesterday, I’ve noticed that I feel improved energy and health.

The accuracy of what Sarah saw during my Reiki session matched exactly what I was feeling. It’s like having a mechanic put the hood up on your car and find some cables that have become disconnected. You get plugged back in and viola you’re on your way! Also, I really appreciated the visual tools Sarah offered to assist me throughout my daily life.

I absolutely recommend a session with Sarah!! If you love the instant gratification of shopping online and having exactly what you want delivered immediately, you’d love distance Reiki!!

I feel so validated about what I was feeling that I now have the confidence to continue to plug in and feel my intuition working on my behalf, so the Reiki session was also empowering.
— Melody Paxton
Before booking a reading, I had some hesitations that Sarah would tell me something I didn’t want to hear.

Since our session, I feel much lighter about what we discussed. The thing I liked most about my reading was hearing about my energy and what needs to be enhanced. I also liked hearing about the energy of someone very close to me and what I can specifically do to help that person. I would absolutely recommend a reading!
— Stacia Smith
Sarah is an amazing coach and healer. She shares fantastic tools, and her energy work is both insightful and impactful. I highly recommend Sarah - the real deal. With gratitude!
— Stacie Sloane
I read an article Sarah wrote on and knew I had to book a reading with her.

Since my session, I’ve noticed that I’ve had an increase of positive energy in my life. A weight has been lifted, and I feel lighter in my body.

I liked how easy it was to talk to Sarah and the easy exchange of information; it felt like talking to an old friend. I would recommend an energy reading. It was a great way to tap into my emotional energy and solidified some of the thoughts in my overactive brain.

I have a lot of big changes ahead, and the reading really helped me accept where I am in the process.
— Sarah Powers
Prior to my first Reiki session with Sarah, I felt very stressed and was struggling with chronic full-body pain. By the time our session ended, I felt a huge weight lift off my chest. Sarah addressed many of the areas that I needed to be focusing on such as diet, movement, and all around mental and emotional wellness.

The treatment from Sarah was incredible! She was so in tune with what was going on within my body and asked questions that allowed me to evaluate areas of my body that I was subconsciously neglecting. Sarah’s demeanor and approach is calm, attentive, and professional and her passion for Reiki shined through with the way my treatment was addressed. She made me feel like a hundred bucks by the time our session ended.

Not only did I gain insight into my physical and emotional health, but Sarah gave me examples on how to practice mindfulness in my everyday life so my healing can continue every day. I would recommend her Reiki sessions to anyone that is going through mental, emotional, or physical stress. Sarah makes you feel great and you walk away with a sense of relief. I can’t wait until my next Reiki treatment!
— Laura Mackin
After talking to Sarah, I feel free to move forward in a positive direction that’s the most appropriate for me. I feel energized and excited.

She was able to quickly get right to the core of my situation and explain it in a very simple and straightforward way. I understand now the reason behind my feeling miserable for so long, and I’m inspired with the direction she pointed me in—it makes complete sense to me.

I could have continued mentally “going in circles”, unable to see the path I needed, and getting only frustrated and depressed for many more years. Sarah has saved me a tremendous amount of time and energy. I really needed and appreciated the encouragement from her today.

I mentioned that I was hesitant about a reading, because I had felt very discouraged and hopeless after a meeting with someone else. She has fixed that for me. Thank you!
— Clara Burnett
I have used Sarah’s services over the past year. I have a very stressful job, and look to holistic approaches to wellbeing. Sarah provides energy work that leaves me feeling relaxed, and calms my very busy mind. I love how she is able to move energy that is blocked, and allows my energy to flow smoothly, thus leaving me with a feeling of peace and tranquility.

My work improves, my relationships improve, and I sleep much better because I am in a much calmer space. Through our work together she has been able to sense my dad’s presence and bring forward some wonderful messages from the other side. Sarah is a gifted reader, and provides a much needed service!
— Deborah Borman
Sarah was very direct and intuitive and I would recommend a reading as it’s very therapeutic to talk to someone who understands your energy. I’ve noticed that, since my reading, I feel more confident in trusting my gut on the topics we discussed because it was aligned with what we talked about. I’m looking forward to another conversation!
— Alex Treister
This was my first time working with Sarah, and I was unsure what to expect. Since my reading, I’m feeling better—like I have direction for how I might enhance my abilities and life.

I liked the practicality of the reading; Sarah offered the sorts of specifics I needed in order to implement her observations. I would very much so recommend an energy reading and already have, in fact!
— Sherry Wachter
Since my reading I’ve noticed that I have more clarity, focus, and optimism.

The things I liked best about my reading were that Sarah was super detailed and direct when we were discussing individuals and circumstances. I have already recommended a reading to a friend—it was super helpful!
— Linsey Jackson
Prior to booking my Reiki session, I wondered if it would be a worthwhile investment or if it would result in insight, change, and/or have practical application.

Of course, I would recommend a session with Sarah; I believe in the power of energy work to gently and effectively address challenges.

The things I liked most about my session were the sense of connection with Sarah as well as receiving resources and actionable steps to use afterward. Since my session, I noticed I was quite flushed immediately after our call and that lasted all night. I believe it was a bit of a clearing!
— Connie Utpaul, Reiki Master Teacher
Sarah has a natural ability to connect with just about anyone, and in doing so, she shares thoughtful information that has helped me delve deeper into the root of my current emotional situation.

I felt immediately comfortable expressing my innermost thoughts and hopes; Sarah sensed my inhibitions and was real with me about what I should work on internally, with tangible tasks, in order to see the change I desire.
— Cori Rosenberg