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Elevate your career and transform the way you lead and connect in the workplace. Develop greater emotional intelligence and resilience and reach greater success as a leader. Receive emotional intelligence coaching and techniques so you can take measures to ensure your emotional energy is properly engaged and maintained, resulting in optimal productivity and effective leadership. Become a more intuitive leader and individual, stepping into new levels of empathic awareness. Gain insight into your current emotional and energetic state as a leader.


Elevate your career and Transform the way you lead in the workplace

Developing greater levels of emotional resilience and emotional intelligence are critical for the success of any leader, manager, or entrepreneur. 

In fact, studies at the Center for Creative Leadership have concluded that empathy predicts better job performance for managers and leaders. 

Most of us don’t receive in-depth training or professional development around how to be more in touch with and in control of our emotions at work, but being able to do so can have a dramatic impact on our professional and personal lives. 

“Decades of research now point to emotional intelligence as being the critical factor that sets star performers apart from the rest of the pack. The connection is so strong that 90% of top performers have high emotional intelligence.” - Dr. Travis Bradberry, Coauthor EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE 2.0

So, how do we hone our skills as emotionally intelligent and empathic leaders in the workplace?


The Leadership Program

Helping people develop greater emotional resilience at work and beyond

Program goals:

-Gain stunning insight into your current emotional and energetic state. A key pillar of emotional intelligence is self-awareness, otherwise known as our ability to be aware of our moods and emotions as well as the impact our emotions have on the people around us

-Receive custom coaching and techniques so you can take proactive measures to ensure your emotional energy is properly engaged and maintained, resulting in optimal health, productivity, and effective leadership

-Turn the volume down on detrimental thought patterns you’ve been unnecessarily carrying with you for years that are holding you back from reaching the next level in your career

-Lock into skills to be a more intuitive leader and individual, stepping into a new awareness of how to leverage your natural empathic abilities

This one-on-one program is developed and led by Sarah Farris and is available to you wherever in the world you may be located. 

Sarah’s background as an energy expert coupled with her education in Women in Leadership at Cornell University will give you access to a rare skill set and perspective not available anywhere else. 

The Leadership Program is available remotely via Skype worldwide.

This program is designed for people who identify as leaders, hold management-level positions within their respective industries, as well as business owners and entrepreneurs

The duration of the program is four months. An extended six-month VIP program is available as well for in-depth work on teams and staffing—please inquire for more information.

This program is available to you wherever in the world you may be located and is ideal for busy professionals with a robust travel schedule. 

Included in the four-month program:

  • Twelve 60-minute consulting calls

  • Four 45-minute “on-call” sessions you may use at your discretion for additional consulting time and support

  • Two custom personal energy assessments—one to kickoff the program and another at the end

  • A custom career and leadership energy assessment

  • Email support

  • Personalized tools, techniques, and homework specifically targeted to your goals and development

program praise

The imposter syndrome is by far the largest chunk of myself that I have always tried to work on (with many therapists, for years and years!) and I am just absolutely astounded by the results ever since I started this program.

I feel deserving of anything that comes my way—I really feel that, truly. I no longer have hang-ups on decisions that were previously hard to make due to my self-doubts. Now, I am more in-tune with who I am and what I want and I think that’s an amazing skill set to carry on into all aspects of my life.

Sarah has been by far the best thing in my life. I have worked with so many therapists in the past and finally feel so much calmer within myself and my abilities.

The skills I value the most stepping out of this program would have to be my newfound self-assuredness, my awareness of how I present myself, my delivery, as well as a more in-depth look at what I had previously thought as weaknesses that can be turned into strengths.

I am more capable of handling any future ventures and challenges that may arise, especially with the qualities of a stronger leader—to be present, kind, a good motivator but also to make the right decisions and be kind to myself when I do make a mistake.
— Janet, Amazon staff and entrepreneur
I really value the insights I received during this program and how it has helped me strengthen my own intuition and confidence in the workplace.

The deep dives on my behavioral patterns and “triggers” were incredibly valuable and really helped transform myself internally.

Since completing this program, I have become a lot more trusting in my own intuition and confident with decisions I’m making for myself and my teams. I have better tools to manage stress as well which has made me a more calm and less reactive leader.

This program most definitely helped me develop skills to be stronger and more powerful in my career! I think building the stronger intuition helped with being able to “read” situations better as well as make decisions around big changes for my teams and the timings of those changes.

This is more effective than most of the career development work that I’ve done because of how deep the focus is on my own energy and blocks. I loved how it helped me transform some of my previous patterns that may have been holding me back. This work has helped me start to transform in those areas and show up as a better leader for the teams that I support.
— Linsey Jackson, Head of Technical Recruiting, Airbnb
Before working with Sarah my intuition was weak, my belief systems were stronger than my true self, and I did not have the clarity within my business that I desired. I deeply wanted a change.

Working with Sarah as my leadership consultant clicked right away. She has helped me distinguish what my intuition is over the noise of others people’s emotions, allowing my voice to be present, shifting my energy, creating a strong mindfulness practice, ultimately helping me to break away from belief systems that have hindered me from living my true life and guiding my business where it should go.

With her by my side, I’ve worked hard each and every day to create significant changes in my life because I needed it. Her loving and caring presence made me feel comfortable to open up to her.

I am ultimately a stronger individual, who can now rely on my intuition to guide the way, and the negative voices from my belief systems are gone. For me, it has been a spiritual awakening and a deep growth period that I needed.

The mindfulness work that we have done is something that has changed my life in so many ways, especially in shifting my energy in a very positive way. I have seen more growth from Sarah’s program than what I’ve achieved with many therapists I have seen. I thank her every day for guiding me to live a life with more clarity and it is truly like her business name—Vibe Elevated.
— MaryAnn Stancel, Accountability Coach
I decided to enroll in the Intuitive Leadership Program because I was feeling stuck financially and was getting a slow start in a new business. This program was just the ticket!

Before this program, I thought I had to hide my intuition from my clients. Now I’m open about it and my professional interactions seem more authentic for everyone. I used to think one should be logical and serious to run a business well. Now, things seem to flow toward me rather than feeling like I’m chasing my tail.

After completing this program I can say I’m more authentic. I’ve always been intuitive. Now I listen to my gut and share my intuitive ideas.

Sarah helped me step into my power in an authentic way. I’ve let go of limiting beliefs and blocks and fears that were holding me back in a pattern of frustration and fear.
— D.Lisa West, Managing Broker, Windermere Real Estate

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