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Welcome to Vibe Elevated! On the Vibe Elevated Online Courses section, you can learn about online courses centered on intuitive development, chakras, self-care, self-healing, reading energy, and more.

All online courses are developed by Sarah Farris, the founder and owner of Vibe Elevated as well as a Seattle-based Reiki Master Teacher and professional intuitive.

As a professional intuitive, Sarah offers distance Reiki sessions to a worldwide client base as well as intuitive energy readings. Sarah holds a Reiki attunement lineage that can be traced back to Mikao Usui, the founder of Reiki. Sarah Farris of Vibe Elevated has been featured on mindbodygreen, Sivana East, The Seattleite, and more.

Our first course is called Unleash the remarkable power of your intuition: PRACTICAL TECHNIQUES TO LEVERAGE THE REMARKABLE EDGE OF YOUR INTUITION IN EVERY AREA OF YOUR LIFE. Online course for intuition. Online course for intuitive development. Intuitive development. Harness the untapped potential of your intuition. Find your rhythm as an empath and highly sensitive person, working with your gift instead of feeling overwhelmed. See how this inherent resource can serve you in literally every single area of your life, from your career to romantic relationships to family life. Learn about energy assessments and how an energy assessment can help you!


Learn to leverage your innate gifts.

Developed from the lens of a professional intuitive and Reiki Master, these courses deliver fundamental information with practical and actionable tools and techniques that you can call on for the rest of your life. 

Join us in class and...

Learn at your own pace from the comfort of your home, office, or wherever life takes you!

These classes are 100% virtual and, whether you're a busy mom, executive, a combination of the two or something in between, they have been designed to set you up for success--regardless of how hectic your life is. 

Receive lifetime access to the course and materials.

We all learn at our own pace and if you want to log in and retake a course a year after you finish, you may do so! 


Learning looks different for everyone--some of us are visual, while others learn better by writing or listening. These courses have something for everyone and even incorporate custom-designed implementation worksheets and built-in quizzes so you feel confident as you progress. 




Practical techniques to leverage your intuition in every area of life

Our intuition is one of the most powerful but underutilized gifts we possess.

Most of us grow up learning how to make decisions that are not rooted in intuition; we make these decisions to please our family, to ensure we’re perceived a certain way, or to satisfy all of the “shoulds” in life.

Think about how different your life would look if you felt empowered to make decisions rooted in intuition.

And what if, in addition to making decisions from that intuitive place, you also felt confident in your decision making process instead of wasting time second guessing yourself?

This course will show you step-by-step how to trust, hear, engage with, and leverage your intuition in every single area of your life for the rest of your life.

Plus, it includes critical information for anyone who identifies as an empath or highly sensitive person so you can finally stop taking on the energy of every person, place, and thing around you.

Included in this course:

-A total of eight different modules with topics including intuition versus fear, learning the language of your unique intuitive voice, what people don’t tell you when your intuition comes to life, energetic protection, and more.

-Professionally shot and edited videos to kickoff each module

-Professionally recorded and edited audio visual lectures

-Custom designed downloadable implementation worksheets

-Quizzes at the end of each module

-Bonus meditations specifically created for your intuitive development


Course Feedback

My only hesitation around purchasing the course was that I wouldn’t learn anything new about the intuition which sounds so silly to admit now that I’ve finished the course, because I learned SO much.

I decided to try it because I have had excellent experiences with Sarah in the past and I trust her knowledge and intuition.

I loved ALL of the information that was presented in this course, and I think the Implementation worksheets were so well done. I can see myself repeating this course a year from now, filling out the worksheets and having new revelations and revealing new parts of me to reflect on.

The videos were the most professional videos of any online class I’ve taken.

I already have and will continue to recommend this class to friends and acquaintances I meet who are looking to learn more and connect with their intuition.
— Liz Rogers
I was hesitant about signing up for this course because I felt nervous about what I might find out about myself that I didn’t know was truly affecting me.

I decided to sign up because I had been having feelings and I didn’t understand where they were coming from.

This course helped me understand why I was feeling the way I was during certain situations and I was given tips to control what I felt I needed to.

I’m absolutely satisfied with the knowledge I gained in the course and would recommend it to anyone who has an inkling of being an empath—this course will help you understand the basics of how everything works.
— Abigail Jardine
I highly recommend this course!

I have been thinking about and working on my intuitive abilities for years, but not in any structured way. I was hesitant about signing up for the course because I didn’t think I needed it because I am already intuitive.

Sarah goes through all aspects of intuition and gives simple, easy steps to follow. She makes it fun!

I liked how the course was self-paced; the lessons didn’t come each week so I never felt like I was behind and I could go at my own pace.
— D. Lisa West